Aida Luce, Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor

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Aida Luce has been practicing for over 22 years, she is committed and passionate about her work. She comes from the perspective that therapy is a very private and personal relationship that is enhanced by mutual respect. Aida cares deeply about social justice, holistic health and the inclusion of mind, body and spirit as central to our way of being in the world. She will take her time to create a co-operative and transparent relationship with her clients. Aida incorporates several theoretical orientations, including  cognitive-behavioral, psycho-dynamic, humanistic, and relational theory. Therapy outcome research demonstrates that the relationship between client and therapist are central to the healing process and for change to occur, and Aida strives to create that safe environment for this collaborative relationship to thrive.

Aida incorporates several theoretical orientations, including cognitive-behavioral, psycho-dynamic, humanistic, and relational theory

She may incorporate mindfulness practices, EMDR, therapeutic yoga and breath work as well as traditional therapy. Her interpersonal style is gentle, but interactive, and often will give you homework.

  • Couples/Family Therapy
  • Non Traditional Couples Therapy
  • Evidence Based Treatments for Anxiety and Depression
  • Level 2 EMDR
  • Mindfulness Practices to Manage Emotional Dysregulation
  • Life After Trauma
  • Chronic and Acute Health concern
  • Sensiomotor, EMDR, and mind/body therapies


  • M.A. 1990, Antioch University, New Hampshire
  • B.A. 1977, Scripps College, California

Professional Licenses and Affiliations

State of Vermont: #068.0000199